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Adress: 36 Keltska st.,

Phone: 064/1880-193



Sales of fireworks and pyrotechnics

Performance and selling fireworks quality, reliable, checked, professionally since 1995 years!
Today - PYRO SHOP fireworks and pyrotechnics synonymous with fireworks and entertainment pyrotechnics in Serbia.
Pioneers are the QA business in Serbia and we are proud to have become synonymous with entertainment pyrotechnics. In Belgrade you can find us on four premises. Call us on our phones to be informed about the conditions:
064/2756 • 962 064/1880 193

We work organizing fireworks for various meetings:

- Fireworks for the event
- Fireworks for weddings
- Fireworks for events
- Fireworks for festivals
- Fireworks for Birthday
- Fireworks for all business occasions: anniversaries, banquets, etc.
- Fireworks for special occasions: baptisms, surprises for the girl ...
- Fireworks during the opening of the shopping mall, fair, exhibition ...

Includes all segments of entertainment pyrotechnics:
- Sale of consumer goods (Class 1 and 2)
- Performing all kinds of fireworks and effects of outdoor
- Performance stage effects and pyrotechnics indoors
- We are equipped with the most modern tools.
- We have a professional and responsible people.
- On the court, we leave as soon as possible.

In our retail stores offer pyrotechnics class I and II, confetti, flares, volcanoes, firecrackers, fireworks batteries, as well as a special program of toys for children.

We are proud that behind us a large number of fireworks shows and special effects. Often participants are big celebrations, anniversaries, celebrations and events with fireworks which fully justifies the nickname that we enjoy, "Wizards of heaven."

Organization of fireworks is not an easy task - let him best!
In addition to the import and sale of fireworks and pyrotechnic equipment, we are able to fulfill all the requirements in terms of the fireworks and stage effects for all occasions, whether it be on the external or internal special effects.

For internal pyrotechnic effects use smokeless fountain (Spark) at various time intervals and colors, colored flames, cold fire, dry ice or heavy fog, as well as several types of confetti both airborne and electric confetti.

For exterior and interior of special effects, we use goods which have been examined by the Ministry of Interior and as such has all the certificates of safety and security for use by third parties. Within the company there are qualified persons for the use of pyrotechnic devices. Also a part of our company are warehouses for storage of goods and vehicles for the transport of explosives.
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