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Specializedmedicalexaminationsandoutpatientdiagnosticandtherapeuticinterventions in the field of internal medicine, anesthesiologywithResuscitation, gynecology, neurologyanddiagnosticradiology.
Onlyavailablewith us are:
-magneticresonanceimaging in anesthesia in infantsandchildrenandpatientswho do notcooperateduring the examination
-diffusion-earlydiagnosis of cerebralinfarction
Spectroscopy-physical - chemicalbrainbiopsywhichreveals the nature of the tumor beforesurgery
EMNG-diagnosis of peripheral nerve

Polyclinic "Panacea" wasestablishedthirdMarch 2009 in Belgrade. Decision of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Serbia is registered to conductspecializedmedicalexaminationsandoutpatientdiagnosticandtherapeuticinterventions in the field of diagnosticmagneticresonanceimaging, internal medicine, gynecologyandneurology. The institutionworkingprofessionalswithyears of experience in theirfield, whichdiagnosticandtherapeuticprocedurescarriedout the latesttoolsandappliances

1. Apparatus for magneticresonanceimagingbrand SIEMENS, strength 1.5 T, a completelynewsoftware in 2009. year. The device is unique in the region, in the privatesector, the ability to provide high-resolution film like no other in the privatesector in Serbia, as well as opportunities for spectroscopywhichreveals the nature of the tumor beforesurgery. Itshould be notedthat the diagnostics of magneticresonanceharmlessandpainless, and is applicable to allcategories of the population. The device is equippedwith a fascinatingsystems for diagnosingdiseases:

a) brain b) vertebralcolumn c) of the chest (lungs, heart, breast) d) of the completedisplay of the abdomen with bile ducts (MRCP), the possibilities of virtualesophagoscopy, colonoscopy, and e) of the pelvicorgans (kidney, renaloutletchannels, bladder, ovaries), including the recording of the fetus, and f) bone-joint system, first of all bone tumorsandtraumaticdamage to the ligament andmuscleapparatus

In this device, which is the standard diagnosticmagneticresonanceimaging in the worldtoday (lowervolumemachines: 1.0T, 0.5 T, 0.3 T is stillnotused in more seriousinstitutions) MRI technicianswork - Lazar Lazicand Biljana Stojkovic, takenfromclinicalcenter of Serbia, with 20 years of experience. The crown of this system is Vesna Peric, longtimedirector of the Center for MagneticResonanceClinicalCenter of Serbia, wholeft02.03.2009.godine to joinanexperiencedteamandexcellentclinic "Panacea". Itsarea is narrowerinterpretation of MRI of the brainandspinalcord, known for makingit in scientificcirclesthroughout Europe.

2. ApparatusKeyPoint EMNG brand, which is a leader in thistype of diagnosis of diseases of peripheralnerveswithsoftwarefrom 2009 and the possibilities of determining the evokedpotential. This device is a longtimeauthority in thisarea, Dr. Sanja Pavlovic, the currenthead of the ClinicalCenterelectrodiagnosticBezaniska hair, which is in the clinic "Panacea" employeeswithpart-time in accordancewith the law on health care. The presentapparatusallowsevensinglefiberrecording (instead of wholemuscle, the individualbundles of musclefibers), whichmakes us unique in thisarea. Given the perfecttechnicalcapabilities of existingequipmentandexperiencedstaff, clinic, "Panacea" founded the Center for injuriesanddiseases of peripheralnervesandspinalcord, leading Prof. Dr. Miroslav Samardzic, neurosurgeon Institute of Neurosurgery, ClinicalCenter of Serbia, the head "B" classandprofessor. Dr. MilinkovicZdeslavspinalcentermanagerBanjicaorthopedicclinics. With the help of two of oureminentexperts, whichareamong the leaders in Europe and as quotedby the leadingEuropeanauthority in thisfield, clinic, "Panacea" plans, that the saidcenter is a leadingregionalcenter for diagnosisandtreatment of diseasesandinjuries of peripheralnervesandspine. The psychiatrists, a specialemphasis on the possibility of a "panacea" to complete a diagnosticand a treatment of the patientendsup in one place (so far in the existinginstitutions for thiswould take a minimum of one monthwithlittlecoordinationmedjukliničku). Polyclinic "Panacea" in the initialphase of workwill be organizedby the professionalcouncilevery last Saturday of the month, ifnecessary, more frequently, whichwillconsist of eminentandrenownedneurosurgeon, orthopedicsurgeonand a radiologist - anexpert in magneticresonanceimaging. The goal, of thisgreatinvestment, polyclinics "Panacea" in technologyandstaff is to provide superiordiagnosticquality of the therapythatfollows. The entire system is set up so thatourprofessionals the ability to useall the advantages of the techniquethattheyhad the chance to meetwithforeigncenters. For the abovereasons, the clinic "Panacea," expectsgreatcooperationwith, aboveall, to allregionalmedicalcenters in Serbia (Vojvodina and Kosovo included), but withallprivateestablishments in Serbia. Wehopethat the newlyestablishedCenter to improvetreatmentandoutcome of thisverylargegroup of patients.

3. Anesthesiaapparatus (Fabius MRI), a renownedbrandDraeger, magneticcompatibility, installedonly in Serbia, to magneticresonanceimaging, first of all, children, andpatientswho do notworktogether, in Anesthesia, byallapplicableprotocolswithoutimprovisation. Withhisinvestmentpolyclinic "Panacea" hassecuredexclusiverights to self-recordingmagneticresonanceimaging of children in Serbia. The expertwhoensuresthat the recording in anesthesiahavepassedwithoutanyproblemsVolodja Dr. Stankovic, University Children'sHospitalanesthesiologist in Tirsova, whichwasdone in hiscareerrecording 80% of allchildren in anesthesia MRI in stateinstitutions in Serbia.

4. Polyclinic "Panacea" has the Cabinet of Neurology, led by the aforementioned Dr. Sanja Pavlovicand Prim. BulgarianTsvetana etc., as well as for internal medicine cabinet led byanexperienced internist Dr. Dobrislav Bjelica. In the clinicthere is a possibility for a completelaboratorydiagnostics (available to allexistingbloodtests, swabs, raynebiochemical, microbiologicalandvirologicalanalyzes). The existingdoctors' offices is availablemodern EKG machine, as well as contemporarywith the cameraToshiba.

5. . Poliklinika "Panacea" svojim korisnicima omogućava i preglede u ginekološkoj ordinaciji koja je savremeno opremljena instrumentarijumomAesculapa i Laicakolposkopom koji je medju najboljima te vrste u svetu. Na čelu kabineta se nalazi Prof. dr Milica Berisavac, zaposlena u Institutu za ginekologiju Kliničkog centra Srbije. Profesor Berisavac je naš istaknuti stručnjak, sa velikim iskustvom u ovoj oblasti medicine, što je čini pravom osobom za ovo izuzetno osetljivo mesto.

Overview of magneticresonanceimaging (MRI) examination, which is the most currentmedicalknowledgeanddiagnosis is completelysafe for the patient. Possiblechanges in body MR registerusing radio wavesemission, so that no adverseeffects at X-rayexamination. The signal is received via a computerandregister as animage-sectionalcertainbodyparts. MRI is of immense help yourherdoctor to set a cleardiagnosis, and in order to quickly take appropriatetreatment.

Internal Medicine
Internal medicine is the medicalspecialtythatdealswith general healthandwell-being of adultsosobe.Lekarwhosespecialty is referred to an internist. Internist usinganamnestic data providedby the patientorhisrelatives, physicalexaminationanddiagnosticprocedures for the preventionordiagnosis of disease. The responsibilities of internal medicine physicians to educatepatients, affectedby the modification of lifestyle, psychologicaladvice, benefitsandgivingmedication, care of the patient in the hospitalandseekmedicaladvice to otherspecialists in the preventionand cure.


Neurology is the branch of medicine thatstudiesdiseaseandtreatingpeoplewithdiseases of the nervous system. EMNG electromyoneurographyor the methodused to determinewhether the muscleweaknesscausedbydisease of the musclesornervesthatinnervate the diseasemisiće.To is aninvasivemethodwhichconsists in placingneedlesorelectrodes in the musclesandbymeasuringmuscleresponse to electricalstimulation. Patientduring the examination EMNG electrofeel. Viewing is from 15 to 90 minutes. The patient is placed on the exam table orchair, with the muscles to be testedmust be relaxed. Electrodesareplacedthrough the skininto the musclebeingtested. Elektrčcnamuscleactivity is measured at restandduringvoluntarycontraction. After the test the patientcan take a mildpainrelieveror put hotcompresses on siteswhere the electrodeswere. Injection site should be monitored for some time.

Gynecology is the branch of medicine thatdealswith the studyandtreatment of diseases of the femalereproductive system. Polyclinic "Panacea" itsusers to monitor in gynecologicsurgery, which is equippedwithmoderntoolsandinstrumentsAesculapandlay a colposcope, which is among the best of itskind in the world. The headoffice is located Prof. Dr. Milica Berisavac, employed at the Institute of Obstetrics, ClinicalCenter of Serbia. ProfessorBerisavacournationalexperts, withextensiveexperience in thisfield of medicine, makingit the rightperson for thisextremelysensitive spot.

Examinationscan be scheduledbyphoneor in person at 011.3047.980 clinicpremises. Openinghoursclinic "PANACEA" from 8h to 20h weekdaysandSaturdayfrom 8h to 14h. beyondthis time, checkscan be scheduled at the hotline: 062 288 470, 069 648 589.
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