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Caffe pizzeria Walker

Adress: 63 Kneza Viseslava st. (Mall Vidikovac), Rakovica, Belgrade,

Phone: 011/356-4750

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Caffe Pizzeria Walker has been around for 17 years and welcomes its guests a known address in case you don't know 63 Kneza Viseslava st. (Mall Vidikovac), Vidikovac.
Working hours are from 8 am, and home delivery is 9 to 23 h for the area: Vidikovac, Cerak, Banovo Brdo, Skojevsko settlements, Filmski grad, Miljakovac, Cukarice, Petlovog Brda, Rakovice and Zarkovo.
Besides hot breakfast, a variety of Italian dishes and homemade dishes, and desserts, I can make you happy atmosphere with a wide selection of drinks.
Come and see for yourself!
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