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Hobbit system - all for making jewelery

Adress: 93 Bulevar Kralja Aleksandra st. (in passage), Zvezdara, Belgrade,

Phone: 011/241-3246, 064/643-7626, 060/742-7442



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Hobbit System Ltd is a successful private company in import, wholesale and retail all kinds of components and tools for jewelery making for amateurs to beginners as for professional work. We are also long-Importers and distributors SWAROVSKI jewelry (the whole product range SWAROVSKI Company of Austria).

The origin of our components from Austria, South Korea, USA, China ... We plan to enlarge the our offer.
Our offer is divided into several units, including:
• Tools for working with all types of components for jewelry making.
• Polymer clay (great Bandsplit color)
• Wooden beads of various shapes and sizes
• Plastic Beads and pendants of different shapes, sizes and colors.
• beads for rosaries.
• Acrylic beads of various shapes and sizes and colors.
• tinsel (clothing, shoes, masks, in folklore, uniforms ...)
• strass imitation glass (plastic)
• Glass beads of various shapes and colors (hearts, dripping, rhomboids, cut the ball, round ball, flowers, etc., cracked round beads of 12 mm and 8 mm, glass pearls, glass chips in a string, tiny glass beads 3.5 mm, 2 mm, in the form of bars (the so-called Venice ... and many more ...)
• A large selection of different types of gemstones in more shapes and sizes, in the form of finished strings and a piece ...
• Extremely large number of possible metal components needed to create all types of jewelry (for making earrings, necklaces, bracelets, rings, decorations ...
• All have metal composing the four basic colors (color nickel, silver, old gold and copper)
• Magnets (such as magnets and a large number of magnetic shutter ...)
• Wide range of different chains, natural skin (round and overturned) nylon wire in several sizes and colors, cables, satin ribbon ... and more ...
• As part of our special offers are SWAROVSKI pendants (of all colors and sizes), pearls (most different forms), beads (in different colors and sizes), rhinestones, zircon ...

Our policy reads LOWER MARGIN - Higher sales volume, because we are the cheapest and best in Serbia and the region (the territory of former Yugoslavia). Goods you order a mail or telephone. We will gladly answer all your questions and offer the best solution for your needs. We wish you successful work with our tools and components.

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