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Furniture salon Mata

Adress: 2a Mitra Trifunovica Uce st. // Ivana Milutinovica 58 st., Borca,

Phone: Fax: 011/272-3530, 064/479-0469, 011/271-4977,




Although the furniture in six monthly installments by check

Salon Furniture Mata is located in the street Mitra Trifunovic They learn 2a, fighters, Palilula. With the lowest prices in town and the high quality of our products, our customers we can offer:

- Upholstered furniture made ​​to measure (corner sets, beds, French beds, sofas, person sofa, two-seater sofas ...)
- Chuck furniture made ​​to measure (closets, cabinets, sideboards, hall, showcases, kits for living room, sliding wardrobes, children 's rooms ...)
- Hassocks, lazy bag's, foteljice for children
- Cuisine Meets
- Dining room tables and chairs

We have a living room sets - price of 26,000.00 - check and other costs, you will see that we are best in town.

Cooperation with companies:
Factory "Philip", Sremska Mitrovica (manufacturing mattress)
"Spruce", Bujanovac (manufacture of upholstered furniture)
"DASA furniture", Novi Pazar (upholstered furniture made ​​to measure)
"Three spruce", Kraljevo (upholstered furniture made ​​to measure)
"Super Company", Sabac (plate furniture)
"Terzic," Blace
"Andrijaševic" Ruma
"ALFA", Velika Plana
"Tapier", Novi Sad
"Taburence" Vinca
"Saio", Belgrade (furniture from China)
"Slavkan", Pancevo (furniture from Polish)

weekdays 09h - 20h
Saturday 09h - 15h
Sundays do not work
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