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Adress: 94/4 Knjeginje Zorke st., Vracar,

Phone: 011/244-2849, 063/779-3279



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Welcome, we are Gala Dent , and is on the teller at Knjiginje Zorka 94 quarters.

We have the experience, a sense of harmony and beauty, patience, desire to change is allowed.
We have the charisma, the spirit of the metropolis, a lot of satisfied patients say about us.

Behind us was fifteen successful years, and before us is the future, we want to create together with you, and we're afraid your world and our satisfaction, reliability and quality.
Visit us and feel the power and ease of Style Gala, which is basically a brand Dent Gala Gala and Art, with whom together we design, create and build a new smile for the new year, a new look for a new living facilities.
Smiles do not resemble each other - every smile is unique to the person wearing it.
Smiles unique, carefully designed smiles, smiles elected by you, it will become your trademark.
Once you become a patient Gala Dent, forever you will become a member of the large family smile.

About your dentist

Spec. Dr Mirjana Milutinovic is a graduate of the Faculty of Dentistry in Belgrade in 1993. Specialized in the Department of Orthodontics at SFB. Education and practice with a mentor:
Prim. Spec. Dr Miodrag Stojkovic, Prof. Dr. W. Rosenstein. DDS MSD profits. Hans Paucherz,
Dr. med. Dent. Marc Geserick. Dental clinic established in 1995.

When you need to protect, beautify and improve the health and appearance of your teeth, Dr. Milutinovic will guide you through the therapy, with true understanding and excellent professionalism.
It is planned for you, organize time, expert consultants, selects materials and ensures that everything goes smoothly with incredible ease and beauty of an investment in yourself.
Dr spec. Mirjana Milutinovic, idea is the creator and owner of the dental practice Gala Dent and the entire Gala brand, which encompasses Art Gala, Gala and Beauty Gala Invest. It has extensive domestic and international experience as a dentist. Participant in numerous professional seminars and lectures in the field of cosmetic dentistry and anti Spiritual and New Age medicine. The combination of clinical experience, knowledge, scientific knowledge and inclination towards the artistic beauty, PhD Mirjana Milutinovic will lead you to the beautiful.

Gala Dent services

Teeth Whitening

Teeth zoom can restore the shine to your teeth in just 45 minutes!

Zoom Whitening is:

- Coffee with the most long-term effect,
- No adverse effects on vital teeth
- Devitalizovanih whitening teeth
- 7 to 9 shades brighter teeth
- The effect of the duration of 1 to 3 years.

Dental surgery whitening 38% hydrogen peroxide to control dental achieved the effect of lighter teeth 7 to 9 shades.
10% household bleach, 15% and 20% hydrogen peroxide and peroxide carboxy.
Phyto-office bleaching without hydrogen peroxide in one session. NEW!


- Compensation izgublejnih teeth, correction seem position of individual teeth, aesthetically perfect and comfortable.
- All kinds of mobile prosthetic devices (dentures).
- Metal-ceramic crowns and bridges (VITA, SHOFU)
- Metal-free crowns and bridges - veneers, veneers (Zirconia, aluminum and PROCERA)
- Dental all ceramic crown involves hypoallergenic materials compared with crowns and bridges of metal ceramics, do not oxidize and release metal ions into the oral cavity.
- Innovative composite technology NEW!
- Veneers, inleij, onlays - quickly and easily, with universal mikrokeramički hybrid composite, CERAMAGE.


Disease soft tissue (gums, gums) that is transferred to the hard tissue, ie. resulting in loss of bone and the bone is called periodontitis and periodontal disease, such as different degrees of the same disease. The disease caused by the bacteria of the oral cavity which is located in dental plaque. In addition to this disease and contribute to poor conservative work (fillings, crowns, bridges), as well as the distribution of teeth in the jaw, which makes it difficult to maintain proper oral hygiene of and to the formation of tartar.

- Gingivoplasty (modeling right)
- Gum surgery - flap (reducing the depth of periodontal pockets)
- Deepening the vestibule of the oral cavity (MVRO)
- SMAT (free mucogingival autograft)
- Filling bone defects
- Lengthening clinical crowns of the teeth (periodontics) plastic gingival


A dental implant is installed in the jaw after a period of time creates a strong bond with the bone. An implant is then placed crown or may serve as a bridge girder.

- Implant Nobel Biocare, Straumann, Astra-Zeneca, Biohorizone
- Bio Gide membrane
- Bio Oss artificial bone


- Correction of irregularities of the teeth and jaw.
- Fixed camera
- Mobile (active or passive) device
- DAMON system - efficiency, beauty, fantastic results. NEW!
- Face-driven orthodontics (guided by the patient's facial appearance)
- Greater patient comfort
- 48% less than control
- 7 months shorter therapy
- Better results

Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry is concerned with the design of your smile:
- Adjustment of the position and the number of teeth (fixed orthodontics)
- Diastema closure (Orthodontics, Restorative, Prosthetic)
- Extending the size of the tooth crowns (ceramic veneers)
- Reconstruction fraktuiranih teeth (fibergals stakes, composite nadogadnje, all ceramic crown)
- Teeth Whitening
- Produžavamjem clinical crowns of the teeth (periodontics), plastic gum
- Adjustable crest (oral surgery)
- Cosmetic prosthetics - all-ceramic crowns and bridges, veneers, ceramic fillings and inlays
- Porcelain veneers
- This method with minimal grinding, and in some cases without drilling, made venire, ie facets. the outer surface of the teeth that give a new dimension to your smile.

GALA Beauty

antiage program
- Fill in deep wrinkles hyaluronic fillers restylane, TEOSYAL
- Reconstruction of facial hyaluronic fillers
- Completion and Correction of the lips
- Mesotherapy - deep hydration facial (restylane, Revitacare)

Relax program

Your beauty and health are the result of an ideal balance between mind and body.
GALA space full of color and delicate scent will allow you to feel relaxed and with the help of experts in various fields of relaxation therapy experience yourself in the best possible release.

Medical Tourism

The possibility of scheduling the special packages, special discounts for families.
Welcome to Belgrade - City smiling people
Journal Financial Times (Financial Times) declared the city of Belgrade for "City of the Future in Southern Europe" and on the World Tourist Organization of Belgrade spade in the top five destinations in the world.
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