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Adress: 14 Visegradska st., Savski venac,

Phone: 011/361-3696, 062/865-51-58, 062/171-0347



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About Us

"ArtDekor" is a family company with years of experience, starting since 2002 .. The company offers complete decoration festive hall for parties, weddings, birthdays, graduations, anniversaries and more. Behind us are the hundreds of satisfied customers throughout Serbia. You can find us in the streets of Belgrade Visegrad 14th Our decorations include: youthful table decoration, upholstery for chairs (twenty shades of ribbons), napkins, satin straps for tables, flower arrangement (ikebana, Biedermeier, bows, Svečnjak) and over 200 models for wedding invitations.
We especially recommend the balloons ( Bubble Blast, pillars, arches, bouquets, helium balloons ). Also do Cvetic for decorating wedding and bracelets, baskets for Cvetic, decoration candles for church wedding, towels for Devera, pad Burma, decorations champagne glass.

Decoration restaurant

Whichever restaurant you celebrating your special day, we at Art decor will make sure that the space shine ..

Decoration tents and garden

Celebrate your wedding in a tent, yard, or children making baptism, let your tent get some new clothes, thanks to the specialists of the art decor.

Decoration balloons - wedding

Great choice of colors and shapes, various balloons in elegant colors will make the space more beautiful than you could ever imagine

Decoration balloons - birthdays

A variety of colorful balloons in the form of children 'heroes or clowns, provoke in the children's delight and it will certainly be a birthday to remember.

Decoration Car

When you experts in the art decor colorful flowers car, believe it will be "recognized," traffic ..

floral arrangements

I do not understand the flowers, you do not know how to make your flower arrangement .. Leave it all to us and our professional team.


Biedermeier according to your wishes, and your taste, choose one of the models, and a special treat to his sister, godmother or friend who will keep it long after falling into her hands.

Paradise doors and ranges

Immerse yourself in a living together with a partner, and a first gate on this road are beatiful decorated doors of Paradise Art decor. We also have a large selection of wreath for all occasions.

Flowers for decorating wedding

If you want to have the most beautiful wedding, be sure to Okita Cvetic of Art decor offers. Dozens of models, will make your guests shine.


And beautifully designed napkins, glasses of champagne, candles and gifts to the church for guests delight all present and elicit a multitude of sincere smiles on the faces of your party.

invitations for weddings

Over two hundred models and sizes to suit every taste, nasmejte your guests witty invitation, or they emphasize glamor that will abound in your party and it all through one sleek piece of paper - Art decor invitation.
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