Welcome to the Nursing Home Avalska Oaza! - Avalska Oaza

Welcome to the Nursing Home Avalska Oaza!

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Naziv firme:Avalska Oaza

Adresa:Jaroslava Černog 13, Beograd

Telefon:+ 381 64 40 26 722

The nursing home "Avalska Oaza" is located at Jaroslava Chernog Nr. 13, in the Pinosava settlement at the foot of Avala, which belongs to the city municipality of Vozdovac in Belgrade. The nursing home is located 400m above sea level with a beautiful view of Avala Tower and Reservoir Lake at the very entrance to Belgrade.

The licensed private nursing home Avalska Oaza is luxuriously equipped with all necessary appliances and the concept of work according to the highest European standards.

The Nursing Home Avalska Oaza is built on 25 acres of land that allows the tenants of the nursing home to enjoy their free time in a walk and stay in the large park surrounding our home.

The spacious courtyard of the nursing home Avalska Oaza is surrounded by greenery and contains: arranged paths, seating benches and a summer house for organizing various free activities of home users. Ethno style and feeling of presence of old and irreplaceable values ​​is the main attraction that makes our nursing home truly special.

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